objective  |  Find a dead, dying or defunct brand and breathe new life into it. Study its history and identify its soul. With that information in hand, breathe new life into it while keeping the soul intact. The brand can be repositioned outside of where it currently sits, on the condition that it does not lose the core meaning. As a deliverable, provide a comprehensive brand standards guide for the rebrand.

strategy  |  I chose to redesign Airwalk, a skate brand that hit its popularity in the 1980’s, and slowly lost steam in the 1990’s. This brand interested me because of my interest in extreme sports, and I thought it would be a creative challenge to envision not only the future of Airwalk, but also the future of extreme sports. With this challenge in mind, I redesigned the Airwalk logo, adjusted the visual verve and aesthetic, created brand standards, and envisioned future avenues for the brand... the Karman line, and beyond.