ordinary disarray

objective  |  Plan and design a multi-faceted film festival, based on the works of a single director. The festival deliverables are to exist as a system, whereby most of the imagery will be self-generated, and the reliance in the actual screen captures of the film is kept to the bare minimum. The combination of strategy, research, project management and design provide a unique challenge to the complex project. Before a pen is even put to paper, the first step is the selection of a filmmaker deemed worthy of an entire festival. His life and works are researched before a selection of his films are made, and bearing a common theme, form which the deliverables will draw.

thread  |  An exploration of home and the chaotic family relationships within, through the films of Sam Mendes.

strategy  |  The Sam Mendes Film Festival takes place in lovely Hartford, Connecticut, which closely resembles the settings of many of his films. The dysfunctional nature of his movies becomes inspiration for the visual language of the Ordinary Disarray film festival. In his films, the home often provides an environment where the characters are imprisoned and try to break free, which is often set as the goal of the path followed by the hero. The chaos that takes place behind closed doors in seemingly ordinary homes, is captured through the imagery, typography and graphics in this Sam Mendes film festival.