Financial literacy among young adults is a dire and widespread problem—well over half of young adults received failing scores on personal finance surveys, and statistics demonstrate how ill prepared they are lead financially successful lives.

There is a lack of designated financial educational resources for young adults, and mandated curriculum is decreasing. Resources available lack relevancy, accessibility and engagement, and pose a biased interest to helping those who need the information most. There is a need for financial literacy resources that can be used independently, and that contain clear and engaging information about pertinent and relevant topics based on their age or life stage.

This thesis project aims to provide clear, concise and engaging resources to increase financial literacy among young adults.

objective  |  Find a problem that exists in the world that you would like to address using design. Solve it.

problem  |  As a young adult, I noticed that many of my friends struggled to maintain their money, or control their spending after leaving home and entering college. After looking into the topic of financial literacy further, I discovered that financial literacy and preparedness is an epidemic across the United States. Although financial literacy scores among young adults have not increased, school’s across the nation have cut economics and finance curriculum. Unfortunately, this is often the only source of informational education for many young adults to learn the various aspects of finance. Additionally, alternative resources can be biased, and many young people find themselves with large amounts of credit card debt or poor spending habits, before they can even manage to open a savings account. As a topic as difficult to comprehend as finance, young adults need an engaging tool that makes learning these pertinent topics interesting and fun.

strategy  |  I set out to create a resource that young adults could use independently, that provided content that was relevant and interesting to their lives, and delivered the information in a clear and engaging way. I developed Dllrz­—a magazine and website, that provides stories, articles, infographics, and interactive visuals that walk the audience through all topics of finance in a clear, fun and engaging way. Dllrz connects with young adults unlike other resources available, reaching them where they can be found, and showing them how fun finance education can be.